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About QR-Codes in general

Short for Quick Response, a QR-Code is a two-dimensional (2D) barcode that can be read using the camera in a smartphone with suitable QR-Code reader software. A QR-Code is able to carry information in both the vertical and the horizontal direction, which is why it is called a 2D barcode. QR-Codes can be used to store various data formats. QR-Codes are popular with smartphone users as they can be encoded to do things on the smartphone like display text, provide contact information, or open a webpage. QR-Codes offer a high level of error correction. As a result QR-Codes can be made to look aesthetically artistic by rendering its sections in different colours and shapes, or by overlaying images or text, but still allowing the QR-Code to scan correctly. QR Codes can be printed in a magazine or on a sign post. They can also be displayed online on a website, or on a video monitor, in fact anywhere where an enabled smartphone can scan the QR-Code.

Using the QR-Code generator

Create your own personalized QR-Codes here for free. Step 1, Enter the text you want to be read by a QR-Code reading device. Choose from the different encoding formats available, such as a contact or calendar. Step 2, Adjust the appearance of your QR-Code. Choose from different colours and shapes, overlay text or a graphic to give the QR-Code a personalized finish. A message will be shown if there is a possiblity that the QR-Code cannot be read by a reading device. Step 3, When you are finished save your QR-Code to your computer.

QR-Code is most probably readable.

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Normally you would use the other tabs to encode your text. But if you want to enter plain text without formatting, then enter the raw text in below.

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